Medicine as it should be

We aim to develop the field of medicine by addressing unmet health needs and helping people overcome or prevent disease associated challenges.
Our humane, intelligent and technologically advanced specialists avoid medical gaslighting and empower their patients during the case management process by creating an atmosphere of honesty, competence and care.


Get out of the loop

During the complex case management process, we do not look at Your health problems through a keyhole, but rather embrace a holistic approach to human organ systems and their interactions.

We follow the best examples

We eagerly follow the example of such worldwide leading clinics as Mayo, Yale or Charité, combining knowledge of advanced specialists and latest technological solutions.

Reach us from anywhere

We live in era of digital transformation, embracing innovative ways to help people from around the world.

Wider options

When addressing health issues, our team utilizes the capabilities of medical artificial intelligence and consults with top-qualified specialists from Europe and the USA. Therefore, we can offer solutions even when the help required by the patient is not available in Lithuania.

Don't be alone

We look carefully at every symptom, fully understanding the damage medical gaslighting can do.


Services according to Your needs

Choose the most suitable option

Specialist consultation

How does it work?
This program offers you to schedule a specialist's consultation of your preferred specialization
What's included?
  • Consultations in the clinic or online
  • Typical model, used in most clinics
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Medical work-up

How does it work?
Visit our clinic just for a regular medical work-up. We concentrate on diagnostic tests usually not offered elsewhere like Tilt-Table testing, SFPN skin biopsy, etc.
What's included?
  • Pre-test consultation
  • Test itself
  • Answer of the test
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  • Scheduling a meeting

    Sign up for a doctor consultation of your preferred specialization by phone, e-mail or by submitting a request on the page

  • Consultation

    Specialist consultation - a specialist consults you about your health problem or need.

  • Refferal to Complex case management

    If during the specialist's consultation it is seen that the situation requires complex case management, the patient, with his consent, is referred to a complex case management or for additional tests / consultation of an internal specialist (see Complex case management).

  • Providing the solution

    If a solution to your health issue is immediately found during the specialist’s consultation, treatment recommendations are given.

  • Follow-up

    Follow-up - with your consent, newsletters with scientific current affairs are sent, re-examinations according to clinical indications are carried out.

  • Signing up for an introductory consultation

    Sign up for an introductory consultation according to the most troublesome symptom or syndrome by phone or by filling out the registration form

  • Confirmation

    After the generalist reviews your completed registration form and decides to examine your case, the registration staff will contact you to arrange the time for an initial consultation and the performance of blood tests.

  • Introductary consultation

    Introductory consultation (at your request can be carried out remotely) - during the consultation, the generalist gets acquainted with your problem, explains the course of further case management (the need for additional tests, consultations) and its cost. However, if a solution is immediately found during the consultation, the generalist can also provide a detailed solution to your health issue during the introductory consultation.

  • Complex case management

    Complex case management process: your health issue is analyzed, the search for evidence is carried out using AI, if necessary, additional tests and/or specialist consultations, consilium of doctors are carried out.

  • Solution

    A comprehensive and based on modern standards solution to the client's health problem or need is provided, treatment recommendations are given.

  • Follow-up

    With your consent, newsletters with scientific current affairs are sent, re-examinations according to clinical indications are carried out.

  • Scheduling a test

    Register for the wanted test by phone, e-mail or by submitting a request on the page

  • Visit to a clinic

    At a convenient time for you, the ordered examination, diagnostic procedure is performed in our clinic.

  • Results

    In the absence of indications for a more detailed examination and consultation, the results of the test/diagnostic procedure are provided in the manner most comfortable for you (e-mail, phone).

  • Refferal to complex case management/specialist's consultation

    If, after the examination or procedure carried out, the need for more detailed consultation is visible, registration for an complex case management or a specialist’s consultation is recommended (see Complex case management and Specialist’s consultation).

Why are we doing this?

We have experienced firsthand what it means when the healthcare system doesn’t function properly - from both the patient’s and the doctor’s perspectives. Therefore, we genuinely care about helping people and advancing the field of medicine.

See our vision

Have You ever said “I’m fine” just because others neglected Your symptoms?

We get that.
that’s why we work on the diseases and conditions that are most often misunderstood


Following the best foreign examples, we became a non-profit organisation. That means we are not obliged to generate profits, but can direct all of our resources to developing our competencies and the field of medicine itself.

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Our job is to seek answers and solutions all the time.

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July 2024
Olm Clinic administration
Medicine, As It Should Be
Olm Clinic - Medicine, As It Should Be
Are you familiar with the struggles regarding the medical system in order to get a help from a doctor? Have you ever been disappointed when you leave a consultation without a clear answer? Have you felt left alone with your health problem?
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